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Dose modifications for PEMAZYRE (1/2)

Dose modifications may be needed in cases of hyperphosphataemia and serous retinal detachment1

Dose modification for hyperphosphataemia1

>5.5 – ≤7 mg/dL

>7 – ≤10 mg/dL

>10 mg/dL

Continue PEMAZYRE at current dose and initiate a low-phosphate diet
Monitor serum phosphate weekly and initate phosphate-lowering therapy
Adjust dose of phosphate-lowering therapy as needed until level returns to <7 mg/dL


PEMAZYRE if levels do not return to <7 mg/dL within 2 weeks of starting a phosphate-lowering therapy


PEMAZYRE and phosphate-lowering therapy at the same dose when level returns to <7 mg/dL

Upon recurrence of serum phosphate at >7 mg/dL with phosphate-lowering therapy, reduce PEMAZYRE 1 dose level


PEMAZYRE if levels continue >10 mg/dL for 1 week


PEMAZYRE and phosphate-lowering therapy 1 dose level lower when serum phosphate is <7 mg/dL

If there is a recurrence of serum phosphate >10 mg/dL following 2 dose reductions, permanently discontinue

Adapted from Swiss Professional Information PEMAZYRE® (pemigatinib) on; ref. 1.
For further information, please refer to the PEMAZYRE Swissmedic Professional Information.1