PEMAZYRE dosing and administration — 2 of 5

How to take PEMAZYRE

Patients should be instructed to take their dose of PEMAZYRE at approximately the same time every day1


PEMAZYRE can be taken with or without food; patients should not crush, chew, split or dissolve tablets1


Patients should be advised to avoid eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice while taking PEMAZYRE1


If a dose of PEMAZYRE is missed by ≥4 hours, or vomiting occurs after taking a dose, an additional dose should not be administered. Dosing should be resumed with the next scheduled dose1

Knife and fork

In all patients, a low-phosphate diet should be initiated when serum phosphate level is >5.5 mg/dL and adding a phosphate-lowering therapy should be considered when the level is >7 mg/dL. The dose of phosphate-lowering therapy should be adjusted until serum phosphate level returns to <7 mg/dL. Prolonged hyperphosphataemia can cause precipitation of calcium-phosphate crystals that can lead to hypocalcaemia, soft tissue mineralisation, muscle cramps, seizure activity, QT interval prolongation, and arrhythmias1


Discontinuing phosphate-lowering therapy and diet should be considered during PEMAZYRE treatment breaks or if serum phosphate level falls below normal range. Severe hypophosphataemia may present with confusion, seizures, focal neurological findings, heart failure, respiratory failure, muscle weakness, rhabdomyolysis, and haemolytic anaemia1

For further information, please refer to the PEMAZYRE Swissmedic Professional Information.1