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PEMAZYRE is the first approved, molecularly targeted treatment for FGFR2 fusion-positive CCA

Pemigatinib is a potent inhibitor of FGFR1, 2 and 31,23

  • Pemigatinib is a kinase inhibitor of FGFR1, 2 and 3. It inhibits FGFR phosphorylation and signalling and decreases cell viability in cells expressing FGFR genetic alterations, including point mutations, amplifications, and fusions or rearrangements1
  • FGFR2 fusions are strong oncogenic drivers and are the most common FGFR alteration, occurring almost exclusively in 10–16% of iCCA1
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Adapted from Swiss Professional Information PEMAZYRE® (pemigatinib) on www.swissmedicinfo.ch; ref. 1.